Saturday, July 24, 2010


This is a true case of a Japanese man from Gifu Prefecture who complains incessantly about a persistent headache. Mr Shota Fujiwara love his sushi and sashimi very much to extent of trying to get them as " alive and fresh " as can be for his insatiable apetite.

He develope a severe headache for the past 3 years and has put it off as migraine and stress of work. It was only when he started losing his psycomotor skills that he seeks medical help. A brain scan and X-ray reveals little however. But upon closer inspection by a specialist on his scalp, the doctor notice small movement beneath his skin. It was then the doctor did a local anaesthetic to his scalp and discovered the cause when tiny worms crawled out. A major surgery was thus immediately called for the extent of the infestation was horrific.

* Remember !! tapeworm and roundworm and their eggs which abounds in all fishes fresh or saltwater can only be killed by through cooking or freezing the fishes between 4 deg C - 0 C. The eggs of these parasites can only be killed if it is cooked or frozen to the said temperatures for a week or more.

* Think twice about that raw dish next time.....or u might get a headache.... :)

* Nasi lemak still safe to eat...dont worry..ur beloved " ikan bilis " was cooked tapeworm anymore... :P

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