Saturday, June 26, 2010


sometimes i'm thinking about somethin' that will make me screwed up!!! did u ever think that who are u in this world??? what u workin for??? u live for what??? u self?? family??? or for ur gurl??? WHAT LIFE STAND FOR???

its hard to answer isn't it???

according to william shakespeare: we as a mankind in this world act as an actor/actress on a stage....that stupid isnt it???....this world is the stage for us....everyone will take part to perform according our own will...if u want to be a thief u can steal anything that u want to steal...if u wanna be a doctor u might wait for the patients...some person prefer to not doing anything and just harassing others..huh!!!!!...


i used to searching about this in islam....then i was found it.....our prophet muhammad swt was told us that life is not easy as u can imagine...He portray that life like walking through a path full of thorns ....huh!! see!!

he warn us that one day, peoples in this stupid world will facing the great lies!!!...where??? who will lying to he a very clever and smart guy as we can watch in tv like will smith in i'm legend muvie???? huh!!!....did the liar know that we are going to school everyday and were achieve so many awards before???....but, despite that almost of us lied by him even though u are professor in um, ukm or somewhere u like....human is stupid isnt it!!!

we always imagine that true life mean we have a big car, beautiful wife and playing with cute daughter at the garden when holiday, going abroad with friends and buying presents for dad and mom at kampong, buying new viao laptop and ps3, giving some money in charity event and giving kisses to whole family.....

did u know why most women in this dying world prefer to use hot pant and show off their part of body that will make them called hot and sexy???...these for what??? for attracting men???

why almost hollywood movies show a woman with luxury car and wear sexy skirt....and kissing with a handsome guy and doing somethin' on bed????? did this affecting u?? that someday you'll do the same thing to ur "awek/pakwe".....????

did u feel strange when watching tv programme that hosted by woman wearing tudung?????....

why peoples proud when they have much money in their bank account and working with large company that promising very expensive salary???

did u concern with world around u and trying to solve society's problem?? or u just thinking about yourself and ignoring everything and just say no to smoking but u did it..haha...

*this world really3 make me mad!!!!!....

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