Friday, June 11, 2010

Exotic Desert

Egypt is one of the most beautiful tourist destination with a variety of destinations for tourist. We all know about features, features such as Egyptian pyramids and other historical monuments. But Egypt is not only ricch in historical monuments also has many valuable natural features are going to be located in tourist guide.

One of these is WHITE DESERT is also known as sahara el beyda. This field is located near the smallest oasis in egypt, Farfara. Most of us know, the yellow desert sand, but at the White SAnd Desert suprising is how this place ot its name. At night, this place looks like "ber salji" landscape.

This place has become so popular in tje last few years. The fact that not far from the Black Desert and Crystal Mountain provides a significant contribution to the popularity among tourists.

This is known as a place where unusual limestone rock found. Stones are formed by low level wind erosion. One of the most famous stone that can be found here is called Mushroom Rock, very similar to the giant mushroom.

*So, if anyone of u want to vist this pharoh's country....just be careful coz someone waiting u there...Egypt is still develope country (mean that many of them are poor ) and there have so many people that take a chance to earn some money by cheating tourists...haha....dont wonder if korang naik teksi jauh dy dlm 1 km, the pak cik driver mintak korang belikan pisau la, handset la untuk dy then bayar sewa harga merepek2 ...hmm.... if korang dari malaysia, bawak2 arr skit kuih raya tu.....ngeh3,,

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